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Control your Calories

At Grano Coffee, we are dedicated to serving drinks that look good, taste good, feel good and do good. We believe that you have a right to have a control over your diet. That's why we give you the chance to choose between full-fat milk and fat-free milk, regular coffee or decaf.Whether you're counting your calories or watching out for fat-content, you'll be happy to know that at Grano Coffee, you have the choice of ordering your coffee with low-fat milk.Low-fat or skim milk has fewer calories and a lower fat content than regular, full-fat milk. 
- Full fat milk: Contains around 3.75% of fat and a full cup is 150 calories
- Light milk: Contains around 2.0% of fat and a full cup is 120 calories
- Skimmed or fat free milk: 0% of fat and a full cup is 90 calories.
You can also order a decaf if you are concerned about caffeine. At Grano Coffee, we have a wide range of decaffeinated drinks for Grano Coffee Guzzlers who are keeping a check on the caffeine. However, you'll be surprised to know that caffeine in moderate amounts has been found to have no side effects. Research has revealed that you can drink three to five cups of coffee a day without the caffeine effecting you on a long-term basis.